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Kentucky has been referred to as The Literary Arts Capital of Mid America.  Orgeon Ferry Review is dedicated to presenting reviews of the best books from Kentucky and the world, with an emphasis on small presses which are today publishing some of the finest works in the country. Oregon is a small community on the Kentucky River (a center of commerce during the steamboat era) in northern Mercer County, Kentucky. This website is provided for booklovers everywhere by Wind Publications.

Oregon Ferry Review of Books

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The True Story of the Resurrection
by Michael Henson
Review by Pauletta Hansel
July 2014

Untamed   by Will Harland    Cumberland Island

by Will Harlan
Review by Thomas Rain Crowe
May 2014

The Land We Dreamed    Joe Survant
The Land We Dreamed
by Joe Survant
Review by Charlie Hughes
May 2014

Biblia Pauperum   Tony Crunk
Biblia Pauperum
by T. Crunk
Review by Sherry Chandler
April 2014

Reckoning   by Edison Jennings

by Edison Jennings
Review by James Owens
May 2014

Almanac of the Invisible    Leatha Kendrick
Almanac of the Invisible
by Leatha Kendrick
Review by Sherry Chandler
April 2014

Richard Taylor     Rain Shadow
Rain Shadow

by Richard Taylor
Review by Sherry Chandler
April 2014


Two poets, Russell Edson (1935–2014) and Bill Knott (1940–2014),  an article by Charles Simic

Stalking the Vegetannual  by Barbara Kingsolver

"I'd like to shoot a drone."  -- Wendell Berry
Wendell Berry and Gary Snyder met for a discussion as Distant Neighbors at the May 14th 2014 Festival of Faiths: Sacred Earth Sacred Self, held at Actors Theatre of Louisville.   2-hr program on YouTube  (starts at 20 minutes)

Review -- A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth Warren

NYT Bestsellers

Russell Edson, 1935–2014, Godfather of the Prose Poem

Mary Stewart, British Writer Who Spanned Genres, Dies at 97

Gabriel García Márquez, Conjurer of Literary Magic, Dies at 87

April 2014 -- This website was established upon hearing reports that the Louisville Courier-Journal will discontinue their Book Page in April 2014.  www.huffingtonpost.com

Fewer and fewer newspapers and magazines are publishing book reviews, and most newspapers no longer have book sections. Oregon Ferry Review will strive to fill that void.

The New York Times Book Review recently discussed the subject of negative book reviews, with opposing views presented by Francine Prose and Zoe Heller. Prose asked, “Why would a sensible writer ask people not to buy a book? If the novel, as we also hear, is moribund or dead, why drive another nail into its sad little coffin?”  Heller counters with the argument that authors “write for other people. They write to have an effect, to elicit a reaction ... they are not kindergarteners bringing home their first potato prints for the admiration of their parents, but grown-ups who have chosen to present their work in the public arena.”

Prose said, “I began returning books I didn’t like to editors. I thought, life is short, I’d rather spend my time urging people to read things I love.” 

Oregon Ferry Review agrees with Prose. We'll praise and promote what we believe is good, and allow the bad a solitary death.